Content Marketing Services
Content marketing helps brands to cut through the noise of all the various sources of information that customers are exposed to these days. Instead of pushing products and services in the hope of gaining sales, content marketing positions the company as a trusted advisor, encouraging consumers to build an affinity with the brand. Subtle yet effective, content marketing is now seen as an essential tool for brands to reach their customers.

EmailCiti offers interactive, unique content verticals for more than 1.4 million engaged subscribers across the MENA region. Through our aggregated newsletter magazines, our customers can tap into these qualified and captive audiences that are passionate about specific messages and products. Clients can utilize the newsletter magazines to focus on not selling, but on communicating and engaging content with their relevant target audiences.

Because of the comprehensive range of newsletter magazine verticals that are segmented by demographics and interest, clients and brands are able to send direct communications and messages through multiple means via one unique e-mail content platform.

Our six monthly newsletter magazines offer a variety of options to cater for clients’ specific requests. EmailCiti currently offers content marketing across the following topics:
  • Automotive
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Business & Money
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
  • Sports

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