Data Managed Services
Data management is a major challenge for most brands – both big and small data are plagued by quality and management issues. Further adding to the problem is the blurring of the lines between the digital and offline worlds, which has generated new unlimited sets of data coming in from different sources in structured and unstructured formats. To gain value from these new types of data, companies need to take into consideration proper data management processes.

EmailCiti invests in services for data management and content marketing, which are essential for current and future digital and direct marketing strategies. We have built out a smart data framework that positions EmailCiti as a strategic partner helping to create efficient data and content channels to engage with our clients’ existing and potential customers.

We help our clients move towards taking a smart data approach, allowing them to let go of the old data management organisation culture, which see companies struggling to manage all kinds of data. We want our customers to adopt a learning organisation culture, leveraging all the value behind various forms of data, and knowing how to manage the data itself.

Our framework allows clients to adapt to the smart data approach with these simple steps:

  • Data Management
  • E-mail Creative
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Full Operational, Automation, and Reporting in Real Time Approach
  • Team of Experts & Cutting Edge Technology

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